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1. Promotion period: 2020/01/01 - 2020/12/31.
2. Weekday definition: Monday to Thursday; Holiday definition: Friday to Sunday, national holidays and the day before.
3. An additional $ 300 / day for holidays and $ 500 / day for consecutive holidays.
4. This offer is only available for Group C (Economy) project prices.
5. Reservations must be booked 72 hours in advance, 
    ● tel:+886-2-6620-6660
    ● online:When booking online, please fill in the 【Promotion Code】 field: UNI AIR Boarding Pass Offer.
6. Exclusive value-added offers! Add NT $ 600 and enjoy 【Super CDW/LDW 】 service immediately! 
  Service Content:
    ● SCDW can only be purchased in advance before picking up the vehicle. 
    ● The total amount of SCDW shall be counted by rental days, instead of hours. 
    ● Any damage or accident happened during extra hours (late return) will not be covered by SCDW. 
    ● Vehicles must be checked-in (driven back to the rental station) for standard renewal process, if renters request to extend the rental and purchase the SCDW.
    ● Please call the police and collect the official accident report if any accident or damage has happened. SCDW will not apply if the accident form is not provided. 
    ● Damage excess and NOC will be charged if renters fail to provide the accident report and follow the standard process. 
    ● According to the rental agreement, a 10% of the vehicle present value will be charged if the vehicle is crashed. If SCDW was purchased, the covered damage excess could be deducted from the compensation.
    ● The coverage does not include damage to wheels, rims, tires, windscreen, back/side windows, loss of vehicle, misfuelling, unknown damage and any else mentioned in Article 14 of the rental agreement. 
    ● SCDW only valid for the first accident occured in one single rental. For accident(s) occured after first one, renter is responsible for damage.
    ● A maximum of 20 days will be charged If the rental period is 30 days. Daily rate will be added-on if the rental period is longer than 30 days. 
    ● SCDW could not be purchased in conjunction with limited offer. 
7. Renters must meet the minimum age requirement of 20-year-old. Renter should have at least one year driving experience.
8. Foreigners must present passport, valid driving license, valid international driver’s permit (INTERNATIONAL  DRIVING PERMIT) issued in the same country, credit card. If there is any further question of driving documents
such as IDP, driving license, etc. Please contact us via
9. Customers must present the boarding pass of UNI AIR which is the same date with car rental pick-up date to havethe discount.
10. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, coupon, mileage plan or promotion including local branch and third party booking engines.
11.There is a 25% discount for consecutive holidays of 3 days or more. During the Lunar New Year, it is based on the official announcement at that time.
12. For short-term rental self-driving cars, you must meet the eligibility requirements and agree to the Terms & Conditions before you can rent a vehicle. For details of other rental cars, please refer to Budget Rental Notice. For related models, please refer to Budget models and rates.
13. Budget reserve the right to amend or withdraw the offer at any time.

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